Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Poking Desert Trails -- Mini Back-to-Back

Today: 4
Present: 95
Count: 14

I'm not sure what it says when you wake up before 6am on vacation, without an alarm. I'd like to think I'm just that excited to go run, but maybe it's just the early morning desert sun pushing through the blinds.

Either way, I was on the trail before 7am. I can count on one hand the number of times I've started a non-race run this early. Rising above the roadway din, I caught a glimpse of why they call it Palm Springs. A sea of green against a backdrop of foreboding browns.

The trail wound through the hills, at times steep, then flattening out. Plenty wide, not too rocky but just technical enough to keep it interesting. If it weren't approaching 80 degrees and infinitely dry it would have been positively enjoyable.

My legs ached from yesterday's 16 mile scamper, and it felt good to crank again. It's almost like in just 24 short hours, I had forgotten the misery and sweltering from the day before.

I turned around at two miles, where four trails converged and someone had formed rocks into a 10-foot human form. A great place to start getting lost. Maybe tomorrow.


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