Saturday, May 25, 2013

Abundant Nature, Abundant Epiphanies

Today: 11
Present: 117
Count: 17

Sometimes, you end up places. And you're supposed to be there.

I slept in my car last night, curled up under a sport coat, no blanket to speak of. It was cold, in the 40s, making a low quality sleeping experience that much lower. But I can't complain, since I was fully conscious of my decision to pull off a perfectly good highway that was leading me to a perfectly go town with perfectly good hotels.

Because sometimes, sleeping in your car on pulled off a dirt road at the base of some full-moon-lit foothills is just the right thing to do.

And so is taking it easy sometimes. Just going out for a jog, easing up and down the trails, soaking it in. You have to pay attention trail running, lest you clip a rock or root and end up smearing your face in the dirt (or worse). Its easy to forget to take in the scenery.

I kept it mellow today, let my mind wander. Epiphanies rolled in.

I must have spooked 30 deer on a 2-hour run. Amazing amount of wildlife. Lake San Antonio should have been packed on the first day of Memorial Day Weekend, but it wasn't. There were some boats out, but the trails were empty. I saw a grand total of zero other runners, and zero hikers.

It's a shame, people spend more time complaining about the wilderness we're losing than they do enjoying what we have.

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