Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bernal Spaghetti for Breakfast (Yellow, 40)

Today: 4
Present: 66
Count: 10

Have I mentioned that I'm spoiled? That right out my front door is one of San Francisco's best kept trail running secrets?

The best thing about the trails at Bernal are how technical they are. Forget single track, these are half tracks. Super narrow, steep, slanted, rocky, overgrown, windy, dogs to dodge -- a perfect proving ground. I get out onto a proper trail and feel like I'm running down the highway with a tailwind.

This morning, I set out to run for 40 minutes, trying to keep it in the yellow the whole time. And on trails like this, it's no easy task. My quads felt it from my ride last night, which wasn't grueling per se, but its the first time I've gone that far on my bike in a while.

Not to mention, rolling into work at 11:30 is a lot easier when you work for yourself.


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