Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back in the Sun

Today: 3
Present: 69
Count: 11

Desert heat is a tough way to get back on the horse after three days off. I am reminded how for whatever reason, running in Palm Springs is tough. It can't be the elevation (440ft) or the hills (none, unless you hit the mountain trails). The heat is obvious, but even out of the burning sun it's just hard to run here.

I remember KJ and I used go on runs when we were visiting my grandma, and he could never get it together. I never felt great, but he was worse.

On this run, it was Maura who was worse for wear. Her dark hair sucks in the heat, but since she doesn't sweat much it has nowhere to go. And when her husband drags her out and we end up running halfway on sand, it makes for a lousy few miles.

But we were moving, and sweating. So what's not to like.

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