Sunday, May 19, 2013


Today: 6
Present: 75
Count: 12

There's a cool front in town - it will only hit 100 today.  And even at 8:30am, the sun is up and baking the streets.

I set off on the same course as yesterday, a rough path in mind that will lead me past some trails I may explore tomorrow. But running isn't about sticking to your plan, it's about moving in the flow of the wind of the roads. Midway into the run, after realizing that the trick to running on sand is to push off flat and light, I saw signs to a bike path. So much for the plan.

I ended up weaving my way through golf courses and water parks, behind strip malls and self-storage centers. I found a water utility and RV park. The path wasn't pristine, and there weren't any other runners out. A couple walkers and bikers, the wise ones likely done already.

Even six miles in this heat is a struggle, and when you stop, the sweat comes. And it is good.

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