Friday, August 30, 2013

Limping in the Mission (Again)

Today: 3
Present: 443
Count: 64

A week off barely helped my reaggravated Achilles. So I took it extra easy today, a really light jog around the Mission, mixing in some real estate diligence. Fortunately I made it through the run without much pain, but I can tell my leg is not even close to 100%.

I'm thinking that double day last Sunday wasn't a fantastic idea, but the flip side is that it was a reminder that I am not at full strength, and just because I can grit through 23 miles of running in a day doesn't mean its necessarily a good idea.

With 60 days to the marathon, I am going to back off the running to heal, working instead on strength for the next month. I know there is exactly a zero percent chance I am going to not leave it all out on the course in New York, so I may as well be as strong as possible. I'll push through the pain, it won't be a good idea, but I'm also not raising $3,500 from my friends and flying 3,000 miles to jog through Manhattan in the biggest road race in the world.

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