Saturday, August 10, 2013

First Hard Run in Way Too Long

Today: 6
Present: 374
Count: 55

Last weekend at the Giants race, 8-minute pace has never felt so good. Jogging over with Luchi I felt tight, uneasy. But when I fell in line with Maura, running loose, thinking about something other than my Achilles, I felt right again.

So after a solid four miles with no pain, I took off after this afternoon on a run. A real run. Easy first mile to warm up and then I picked it up. Tailwind didn't hurt and I cruised to Terry Francois at sub-seven pace for the first time in way too long. Real muscles, unused in weeks, groaned to life. I felt smooth, even effortless as accumulated rest looked for release.

I looped AT&T and, not wanting to push it too far too fast too early, doubled back through Soma on a stoplight run of sorts home to Potrero. Charging up Rincon Hill, I knew I was back. Still not 100%, still not at full strength but I was back. I can run again.

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