Saturday, August 17, 2013

To The Park

Today: 14
Present: 397
Count: 58

With a few good, painless runs under my belt, an easy jog out to Golden Gate Park and back with Maura sounded like the perfect way to test my legs. My dad and I had talked about doing a trail run at Diablo in mid-September, but I had held off on signing up until I knew I could do it.

I don't exactly have a 9-minute pace gear, but it still felt great to just go out and run for a couple hours. We wove our way through the Mission, up the Wiggle through the Haight and into the Park.

Living in the southern part of the city, running in the Park is a rare event. Too rare. Wide streets, trees and quiet winds, Golden Gate Park is a road runners paradise. We hit the Bison and headed for home. Downhill, all the way.

Its on these runs I get to practice my form, visualizing the cotton ball on the needle, hips drifting back and forth, engaging the core as the engine. Relax the legs, let your chi do the work.

I felt the run for the next day and into the following, but without pain and without undue soreness, I signed up for the half marathon up and down Diablo.

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