Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Food is For the Weak

Today: 4
Present: 368
Count: 54

I ran today with no pain. No tightness, except for the very top of the hill. I went up a hill. I went down. And I didn't have any pain. I won't say I'm back, but I am getting there. Amazing what a little rest, ice and Advil can do. Or maybe its just being midway through a juice cleanse that's dulled all my senses.

I'm still getting used to routes from the new house -- rough start near the freeway unless I want to launch straight up the hill. The hill would be fine, and will be, but right now I am still in slow warm-up mode so need to start on the flats.

I hit the Mission grid and wove my way to Harrison, following the bike path up to 17th Street and out under the freeway. I picked up the pace a bit, remembering my run Sunday and how faster actually felt better. My legs were a bit stiff and had no spring, but I had no pain. So I couldn't care less. Sailing down 17th, marathon visions flashed by, how good I felt that late in the race. How empty the streets were.

I hadn't expected to feel this good so didn't really have a plan for getting back. The safe route would be to loop all the way around Potrero, cruise up through DogPatch then skirt Cesar Chavez back home. Not terribly scenic, but flat and easy on the Achilles.

So I decided to go straight up over the hill. I'm hitting the trails tomorrow with KJ for some film shooting in Marin, and I wanted to see what I had. Turns out, more than I thought I did. My leg tightened up a bit at the top, but in general felt great. My legs even felt moderately strong.

Its good to be back.


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