Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wife is Back, Nine in the Flat

Today: 9
Present: 258
Count: 36

It's a joy to watch Maura getting back into running shape. We hit Ferry Building (almost) and back today, a morning jog before I hit the road and she hit the game.

As it warmed up, I could tell she started to tire. But every time I looked over, she was smiling. Maybe she was gritting her teeth, determined not to slow down, but the look was more smile than grit. And when we ground through the Mission on the way back, hugging the east block for share, she picked up the pace.

You're a runner when out on a training run, with nothing to prove to anyone but yourself, you push. Anyone can jog, anyone can run. But runners push beyond when everyone else lets up.

My legs felt like hell. Absolute hell. Heavy, tight, asleep. Oh those beautiful trails -- I bounced back quicker from my 50-miler.

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