Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Post Boxing Shake the Legs

Today: 2
Present: 207
Count: 29

It almost feels like cheating to count a 2-miler as a run, which at the same time sounds unbelievably snobbish but also belies the fact that running after boxing class is a feat unto itself.

My legs dragged up the stairs, but down the back of the hill started to shake out. Which was the point -- all too often it takes me a couple days after class for my legs to feel back to normal. To wit, three days before Way Too Cool in April, I did a hard and physical drilling session. My whole body was thrashed the next day, despite clearing the cobwebs and putting me in a great mental state for the race.

I think that workout and not really shaking out the legs contributed to me never really feeling a spring in my step on race day. Trying to learn from my mistakes, I switched boxing to Tuesday of this week and planned an easy run after class.

Bernal Hill shone in the early evening sun. Wind whipped down the north slope, turning my already meandering climb to barely above a crawl. But that's OK, that was the point. Quiet trails on a Tuesday night, twenty minutes of mind wandering to nowhere. I could have gone for longer, but that wasn't the point. I shook it out ahead of tomorrow's rest day in my modified tapering schedule.

If there's a better one-mile loop in San Francisco, I haven't been there.


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