Thursday, June 6, 2013

Marathon Finish, Negative Splits

Today: 7
Present: 181
Count: 24

I think you know you're a runner when as a run gets longer, you talk yourself into running further, then faster. Or maybe that just means you're crazy.

Very heavy legs when I set off today, I envisioned running an easy six miles to shake the legs out after my long run Saturday then surprise Twin Peaks adventure Monday morning. I have now run the final four miles of the SF Marathon a couple times and my hope is that when I get there in a couple weeks at least I'll be on familiar ground.

But as my legs shook out and I turned into the wind, I changed course and decided to run a bit further and speed up. The legs felt good and I tried to stay at 7-7:20 pace on the way out, expecting to turn around and keep it under seven.

I love passing people. And even though passing casual joggers is kind of cheating, it boosts the ego to speed past them. Never get passed, pass everyone.

I hit the ferry building to turn around kicked it up. I did start to tire as I passed AT&T park but felt like I had a lot left, and at the very least couple keep this pace for a while.

At 40 miles so far this week, it's on pace to be one of my longest non-race weeks and a new adventure into the world of not knowing how to taper. Although I do not that pure rest doesn't seem to work -- so we'll try the opposite.

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