Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good Morning Twin Peaks!

Today: 8
Present: 174
Count: 23

Why haven't I done this before? Is all I could think when I came around the bend and the view opened up, the San Francisco Peninsula from the Golden Gate to Mt Diablo spread wide before me.

Twin Peaks on a crisp Monday morning, alone, bluebird sunny day. The 800-ft climb was well worth the effort.

I set off this morning on what began as a five-mile loop from my house up through Glen Canyon to Portola, then back down Clipper into Noe. There's a long, gradual climb up O'Shaughnessy Blvd that ends at Portola Dr. And one of these days I'll top the Strava.com leaderboard for the climb.

I hit the top and kept going, following signs to Twin Peaks. Traffic thinned out, and as the homes dropped away it was just me, early morning walkers and a few birds providing a soundtrack for my climb. Trails, steps and all manner of routes will take you to the top. But I stuck to the road, winding my way up.

At the summit, you're greeted with these jaw-dropping views and a half mile or so of one-way roads that wind around to the vista point. Silence, on top of the world. Bernal Hill looks like a speed bump. Morning perspective.

A steep decline leads you through the Castro and dumps you out at Dolores Park. A jaunt up and over those two hills and I was home. A slight detour to scope some property and I tallied 8.5 miles. Not a bad way to start the week.


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