Thursday, January 16, 2014

Run Back Through Time

Today: 5
Present: 891
Count: 124

I'm slowly getting the hang of this getting up early thing. And while early for me may not be early for others, its a milestone nonetheless.

I ran back through time this morning. Through Bernal Heights and past Lundys Lane, marveling at how quickly somewhere can cease to feel like home. Back over Dolores, brushing past memories of hazy days and Jetta dreams, when running was the furthest thing from a priority. I ran, from time to time, back when my body didn't care what I put into it.

Having found the Fear and Loathing San Francisco Ultra, and seen the octogenarian sporting an "I train while you sleep" sweatshirt, I have found a new mantra to wake me in the morning. I ran this morning to our weekly breakfast, arriving early to read the paper. To actually read the paper.

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