Friday, January 17, 2014

Extended Intervals Breed Morning Epiphanie

Today: 9
Present: 900
Count: 125

I'm running well right now. Running smart and running hard. I have my routines down and its working well. Just need to keep putting in the time.

I charged hard this morning, looking for the CR at Heron's Head. I missed by a few seconds. Then later read that Jim Harbaugh would laud me as the first loser and deserving of derision. If you really want to leave it all out there, couldn't you have gone a bit faster? A bit harder? I could have. Another great mantra.

I sped off through the future of San Francisco, breezing past Pier 80, then 70 on down into China Basin. The past knocking around in my mind from A Negotiated Landscape, a fascinating account of history of the San Francisco Waterfront. Amazing to watch the past transform into the future.

Around the stadium after a fast mile and straight up Rhode Island, breathing hard at the top and coasting down. These interval runs are phenomenal, an amazing mix of cruising, pushing and sailing. I finish spent but refreshed. What a way to start the morning.

And given the roller coaster of negotiations at work, I need these runs to clear my head - to chart the path. Such is my role as skipper.

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