Friday, January 3, 2014

De Haro Hill Repeats x3

Today: 4
Present: 859
Count: 117

Having resolved that my weakness is the ups, I started hill training today. I read up on hills and it seems like the general consensus is that there a handful of ways to use hills and that hills, more than anything, will make you faster. I can't wait.

1) Long hill runs. I do this already by virtue of where I live, so no need to change anything here.
2) Long repeats. 1/4-1/2 mile ups, run at 5k pace. De Haro is perfect, half a mile up either side.
3) Short repeats. 100-200 yards hard. Wisconsin by the Mews will be my proving ground.
4) Fast downs. See above, jog up.
5) Bounding. Not sure about this one yet, need to find the right grade but I get the explosion and power that can be gained.

De Haro from the north is this long, gradually steepening monster that peaks 2/3 of the way through with a final, long and deceptively steep final stretch. I ran into Nicole and Lucia on my first ascent, a welcome respite. I glided down the other side and hit almost exactly one mile from 17th to 26th. Quite a training track.

Up the other side is shorter, but steeper with more of the up early on. Its faster, but more intense with a longer rest back down the other side.

I felt like I was running too hard, breathing too heavy at the top. But the point is to push, I think. I did three repeats, my goal is to work up to six within the next month or two. So long as I keep at it, shouldn't be too hard.

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