Monday, January 20, 2014

Purisima Loop With Dad

Today: 10
Present: 910
Count: 126

What a find, this Purisima. And I still haven't fully explored what it has to offer. This 10-mile loop can be hiked or jogged or I don't even know what else. Then the spur out to Bald Knob and beyond. So much potential.

I am fortunate on so many levels to be able to go on a 10-mile trail run with my dad. I sure as hell hope that when I am 65 I can do the same. And we weren't exactly going slow either. He's a pretty tough guy to get to open up, which I guess is where I get it.

But midway through the run I probed a bit about what it was like to run after kids. He explained how he actually started running more once he had me. How time becomes more dear and if something is important, you find a way to make it happen. It was not only refreshing to hear that not everyone becomes a fat slob once they have kids, but just to hear him tell stories about his life.

There is something special in this place, I felt it the first time I stepped foot onto the mist-shrouded trails. I can't wait to go looking for it.

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