Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shake 'em Out Then Off to Oaktown

Today: 4
Present: 792
Count: 111

Fresh off an awesome run in Marin over the weekend, I just wanted to get back on my feet. I friend was hosting a drinking event at a recently finished project in Oakland and I wanted to get over there, but prioritized myself and went on a run before heading over.

It felt fantastic to be out there, a little creaky from Saturday but overall I can't complain. I didn't run fast, or particularly hard, but the late-afternoon run reminded me why I work for myself and why just those four short miles can make all the different in your state of mind.

I was sharp, engaged and on point at the event, then kicked it with my friend Mike who I don't spend enough time with. Not that the evening would have been a flop without the run, but I set myself up for success -- all I had to do was swing.

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