Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crisp Bernal Morning

Today: 4
Present: 765
Count: 108

With my last race of the season coming up in a couple weeks, I'm doing a modified tapering for the next couple weeks. Its a 30k trail run in Marin at my "home course" at Rodeo Beach. And while I haven't really been specifically training for it, I want to perform the best I can and a series of short, brisk runs this week should fit the bill to get my legs ready for the blissful brutality of the course.

The run to Bernal is anything but an easy four miles, but I took it light and enjoyed the crisp morning air. Its unseasonably cold for San Francisco right now, even in winter, so just getting out there and on my feet is a bit of an accomplishment. Its amazing how soft you can get living in this idyllic, temperate climate.

I never tire of the view from up there, and I ran consistently up and up and up to the top, hit the fence and cruised back down. I wasn't in a rush and didn't have anything specific to get back to, but I didn't want my morning rushed and was content with the short run.

Just three days running in a row now and I already feel world's better. I've been struggling to be consistently healthy after the marathon but feel like I'm finally back on the right track ... for today anyway.

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