Saturday, December 28, 2013

Austin River Loop

Today: 10
Present: 835
Count: 116

So much to say about Austin, much of it not belonging on this running blog. Suffice to say, it would shock me if I don't end up running this loop again in 2014.

Maura, Luchi and I hit the loop and after a quick misadventure under a bridge were on track and cruising around the lake with hundreds of other joggers, walkers and people out enjoying a cool but sunny Saturday morning.

My legs still felt tight after my last run at the lake so was really looking forward to the easy pace and gentle trails. Indeed, the next day my legs felt like new.

Maura drifted slowly behind us, not having running that much in the past month or two. Luchi and I chatted briefly, me giving him a couple tips on form and him complaining about shooting pains in his hands. Fair enough.

We made the turn and the trail quieted opposite downtown. It got simply empty then abruptly ended in a parking lot, signs promising the completion of the boardwalk in the not too distant future. And with the breakneck pace of Austin's development right now, I believe them.

Winding back on city streets with a mini-climb at mile eight, I resolved to hit the loop again before I left. We found the car and headed home, thoughts and smells of bacon rattling around in my mind.

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