Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lake Travis Recon

Today: 3
Present: 809
Count: 114

Fresh off the plane in Austin and on the shores of what used to be Lake Travis (drought), I looked out the window of the house we rented and was delighted to see a wide trail cutting a line along the banks of creek that was once a lake.

Maura, Luchi, Jessica and I grabbed our shoes and were out the door. Light dwindled and we drove down the road to the town park to pick up what we were told was a trail that would lead us to an easy spot to cross the river and continue along the river back towards the house. It was too late for fording and we just wanted to get out there.

The dirt was soft, just what you'd expect basically running at the bottom of a lake. Short, but sweet, we took the trail to its natural conclusion as light gave way to night.

I knew I'd be back tomorrow for further exploration -- and indeed I was right. Not bad for a backyard.


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