Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tapering Five

Today: 5
Present: 641
Count: 93

I find tapering to be as much a mental exercise as a physical one. They say that running marathons is about patience. Holding back at the start so you have something left at the end. Its hard, you want to bank time and run fast while you're feeling good. But it will catch up to you, making that last six miles as miserable as most people will tell you it is.

So this morning I did my best to run easy, but comfortable, shaking out the legs but keeping them turning over. Several times I caught myself speeding up and had to consciously remind myself to slow back down. I knew I'd have to do the same thing in New York during the notoriously fast first ten miles.

By the end, I didn't feel nearly as fresh as I was should have after five easy miles. But so it goes -- the idea is to be ready on race day, not five days before.


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