Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Date Night

Today: 6
Present: 581
Count: 86

Running is, by definition, going with the flow. If I have learned nothing this year, its that efficiency and working with, not against nature, is the path to good running.

So when I envisioned a solo evening run after my painless three miles yesterday, and my wife suggested we go together -- I gladly accepted. It was probably the smart thing to do anyway -- no need to ruin my new found health by pushing it too hard, too soon.

I am so privileged to share my favorite activity with my favorite person. We don't always run together -- like last weekend when 20 miles was way beyond my pay grade and I biked instead, we still got up early and braved a chilly fall morning along the lake. But when we do, we have these great chats and I feel so much closer to her when we're done.

Maura had an amazing run Sunday and got her mojo back ahead of the marathon in a couple weeks. I could not be more thrilled. After everything that went down last year, the hurricane and our makeshift marathon, her mid-run melt down and my bum knee, I think we're both looking forward to just being able to run.

Of course I'm going to try and PR, and I may not make it 10 miles before I have to slow down, but who cares. I am going to be out there, running the New York City marathon a dozen years after one flippant decision changed my life forever.


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