Saturday, July 27, 2013

Slow Play at the Preserve

Today: 3
Present: 353
Count: 51

Being injured sucks! Any incline at all and my Achilles starts to hurt. And once it starts to hurt, that's it. It doesn't get better. I've been trying to rest, but it just takes a long time for this to heal and I guess I have to be patient.

But in the meantime I am getting antsy and really starting to miss running. With any luck it will make me that much more appreciative of the time I have on my feet when I am back. The good news is that the swelling does feel like its going down steadily, so I should be getting close to being back to full strength.

I finally started fundraising for the NYC Marathon. Very cool to see people support me, but I still feel weird about asking for money. And of course I feel like I am letting them down by not being able to run, but I'll be back soon enough.

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