Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Humpin' Down the Waterfront

Today: 4
Present: 474
Count: 71

It just feels good to be able to run again. I'm not out there setting PRs, or flying past people, but I'm running. I'm breaking a sweat and not taking every step in nervous anticipation that my Achilles is going to tighten up, again, grinding me to a halt.

My calves are tighter than I'd like, but with a regular schedule of ice, Advil and compression socks, warming up and cooling down, I'm headed in the right direction. And I'm running.

I've been exploring new routes and today took off north from the office, rather than my usual slog down 16th to Terry Francois and out to the ballpark. Weaving my way through the new UCSF campus and the surrounding developments, running in shadows of towers of glass.

The good news is that even after my time "off," I still settle into a comfortable pace around the same speed, 6:45/mile. Granted I can't hold it for as long, but its still my most fluid gate. So now it's just a question of getting the endurance back. And with only six weeks to the marathon, I'd better get it back quick!

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