Monday, September 9, 2013

"Flat" DP Loop

Today: 4
Present: 453
Count: 67

In the past week, I've been much more diligent about my rehab. Icing more, consistent Advil and taking it easy. No crazy runs, no pretending I'm healthier than I am.

Had a great run today, kept a brisk pace without pain. I avoided the hills where possible and shut it down before the Achilles started to get sore. Its amazing though, that 4.5 miles at a mellow pace now constitutes a "great" run. I guess its all relative.

I've got a bit of dilemma coming up this weekend, my scheduled 25k up and down Diablo. I want to do it, of course, and probably can, but the question is whether I should or not. At the very least I should keep it light, enjoy myself and not try to win. The fires my throw a wrench in my plans, so I'll see how it shakes out as the week goes on.

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