Monday, November 25, 2013

Heading to Heron

Today: 6
Present: 734
Count: 104

There's nothing really wrong with running to AT&T, but there is something uninspiring about running along a giant parking lot. Not so running along the dump.

Oddly I enjoy this track with its putrid smells and piles of dirt and trash. There's potential in the fenced off roads and rundown buildings, mystery behind the gates.

Once to Heron, its 0.6 miles to the end of the runway, like being transported south to the Baylands, the running home of my youth. You leave the city momentarily here, miles away from SoMa and the Mission and the fiery debate over money transforming neighborhoods -- like it always has here.

Today's wasn't a particularly fast run. I didn't find any new routes or have any urban adventures. But six easy miles is a great way to launch the week.

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