Monday, April 29, 2013

Home to OB, into the wind

Today: 11
Present: 11
Count: 1

I set off aiming for an easy 11-miler, my standard route from home to Ocean Beach. 11 miles, over Mt. Davidson and down to the beach. Turn around and come back. Warm afternoon, but I didn't expect the wind. Straight into my face all the way out. Better than the reverse.

I gave up on 'easy' the moment I set my watch to race my previous best time. Go figure.

Felt good pretty much the whole way. Really grinded it out on the gentle up coming home, pushed it up the hill through St. Francis Wood. Beat my best time by over seven minutes. Gratifying since that was three months, a 50k and a 50-miler ago -- I'd be worried if I hadn't gotten any faster.

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